Sulani Moderne House Pool, Hut 3040 2 1 1 click for numberPetite maison entoure…

🌴: Sulani Moderne House 🏡 : Pool, Hut
📐 : 30×40
🛏 : 2
🛁 : 1
🚽 : 1
💰 : 186 772
Petite maison entourée de bois coloré. .
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Call of Duty League Supports The Real Heroes Project To Recognize Healthcare Workers

Professional sports leagues like MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and more announced “The Real Heroes Project” today, and Call of Duty League is joining them to recognize the heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big names like Seth “Scump” Abner from COD League are sharing personal messages and thank yous on social media using the hashtag #TheRealHeroes – replacing the name on their jersey with the name of a personal healthcare hero. For Scump, it’s Dr. Henry Ostman. 

“I am really honored to be a part of the Real Heroes Project. It’s so important to shine a light on those on the front lines during a time like this, and to do so alongside the biggest names in sports, including my Chicago’s own Jonathan Toews, is truly special. Huge shoutout to Dr. Henry Ostman and all of our heroes owning the fight against Covid-19.”

Feel free to use the hashtag to give a shout out to anyone out there on the front lines of this devastating pandemic, especially healthcare workers.

Amazon Games039 Crucible Arrives On May 20

Amazon Games’ announced that its free-to-play title Crucible is coming to PC on May 20. What is Crucible? Start by checking out the trailer right here!

Click here to watch embedded media

Crucible has 10 characters to play, each with their own weapons and skills, and is launching with three modes. The three modes are quite different, each one boasting varying team sizes and objectives:

Heart of the Hives – Two four-player teams battle against boss Hives. Hives house a heart, and the first team to collect three hearts wins. You’re going to have to balance between battling the other teams and the NPC hive monsters to win.

Harvester Command – Two teams of eight players try to capture and hold Harvesters on the map.

Alpha Hunters – Eight teams of two fight to be the last team remaining in a sort of duo-mini-battle royale.

Crucible is being developed by Relentless Studios, a team that is part of Amazon Games. Find out more at