Outriders Weirdest Legendary Weapons In Action

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A loot game is only as good as its loot, so for today’s exclusive Outriders video we’re showing off three of the game’s unique legendaries. Warped by The Anomaly, these almost organic-looking weapons are as fun to look at as they are to play with. Watch the video above for an up close view of three of them, as well as a showcase of the weapons in action.

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GI Show What We Want From The Next Generation

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On this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, I am joined by Joe Juba, Matt Miller, and Alex Stadnik to discuss what we want from next-generation hardware. After we handle some hot topics, we jump into the always entertaining and enlightening community emails, including a new game experiment that we hope you all enjoy.

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What We Want From Next-Gen: 2:18
Coronavirus Hurting The Game Industry: 43:09
What We’re Playing: 46:43
THQ Nordic Buying Saber
 Interactive: 59:18
Community Question 1: Ever Got Hacked?: 1:09:42
Community Question 2: AAA Games We Like But Others Don’t: 1:20:45
Community Question 3: GI Town Army: 1:34:16
New Mystery Game: 1:50:27

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